A beautifull end

2 years after, 2 albums and endless good times, several brain cells burned, 
Dala Sun has finally come to set...at  least for the time being.
That last show was a blast, terrible sound, disgusting conditions, 
endless beer-shooting maniacs, crappy punx swimming in the mud, 
                     pure rawk heza!!!

Dala Sun was never about being "big", it was all about fun the "minarian" way! 
Fuck scenes, fuck diy-trends, fuck rockstar bullshit! 
We'd like to thank all the bands that had wasted fun times with us! 
especially Straitjacket Fit and the Rat, Nataraya, Fields Of Locust hezes, 
Dyspnea gutter-crusties and the Tyrnavian crew, Zvarna tsipouroholics 
and all the squats and collectives in Greece that helped us out and hosted us in any show,
especially Porto Patrasso and Prokat35 in Patra, Antiviosi/ Ioannina, 
Rosa Nera /Chania, Biologica /Thessaloniki, Villa Amalias /Athens, 
Antara Kakia Collective /Larissa, Matsaggou /Volos, etc... 
Also many thanx to all the guys who gave us some help abroad especially the mighty HAZARDER in Belgrade and Milan in Budapest.


Many thanks to anyone who had fun with our music, shared our talks, 
shared a beer with us, gave us a place to sleep and some food, 
helped us with a show, banged some head on our tunes...
So long folks!

Gegenschein is sunlight backscattered by interplanetary dust, a beautifull end!

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