Baphomet - Gig Poster - 2009


Pencil art ,digitally arranged and coloured for a local gig for '09.

Christianity is plague.
Enslaved consiousnesses and blindly guided, scared and fake-hoping humans.
The "divine" that will "save as all from our sins" and give humans no rights of choice, obeying absurd rules and enslaving their minds.
The Baphomet represents the opposite....not being evil and hating each-other for no reason and shit... just being human and following your urges and your heart and your instinct! alla those things that religion in all forms supresses brutally daily!

Fuck off priests or mental tutors of any religious kind!
Fuck off pitifull humans for obeying something else than your feet that keep you standing!
(by permission to our local church's filth.)

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